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A divorce is one of the hardest things for any family to experience. It can cause emotional trauma, create hostilities, and leave some people in a completely different state of mind. In a divorce that is complicated and stressful, it is important to have someone who can take some of the weight off of you and manage some of the legal matters. A Sonoma divorce lawyer can be that person for you, guiding you through the divorce process and making sure your interests are protected.

Sonoma Divorce Lawyer

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Getting a Divorce in Sonoma, CA

California is a no-fault divorce state, meaning the filing party does not need to provide a specific reason for why they are divorcing their spouse. Because of this no-fault rule, people most often file their divorce under “irreconcilable differences.” In some cases, such as when domestic violence and abuse are involved, it may be possible to provide a reason for your divorce since it directly relates to the safety of those involved.

If you are getting a divorce in Sonoma, you should also be aware that California follows the community property law when it comes to property division. Property division is usually always addressed during divorce proceedings, especially for longer marriages and high-asset divorces. An experienced divorce attorney can guide you through the divorce process, no matter how simple or complicated.

Addressing Property Division in Your Sonoma Divorce

When getting a divorce in Sonoma, CA., you have to determine what property you and your spouse will divide. Community property, property, and assets obtained or acquired during marriage are the only property that is split up in a divorce.

This includes debt, real estate, a house, a car, etc. The goal is for there to be an even 50/50 split, but some circumstances don’t allow for that exact division, so one spouse may end up receiving slightly more in asset value.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine what is community property and what is separate property, especially if you have been married for a long time. Typically, separate property is any property obtained or acquired before marriage; that property remains separate.

In situations where you have been married for a long time, however, some commingling could have happened along the way. In this case, separate property can be categorized as community property. A divorce attorney can help establish exactly which assets are community property and which are separate property, especially when it comes to determining if commingling was done at any point.

Child Custody and Support

Perhaps the hardest part of a divorce is figuring out how to handle child custody and support, whether that be child support or spousal support. The idea is to do what is in the best interest of the child, but that can be difficult when both parents have differing opinions. This is when you may want a lawyer who can be more impartial and come up with a fair solution.

Discussing child and spousal support can also put more of a strain on the divorce when one spouse feels they are being taken advantage of, and the other feels they are not getting enough. This is when attorney negotiations and mediation become crucial to the outcome of the divorce.


Q. What Is the Average Cost of a Divorce Lawyer in California?

A. The average cost of a divorce lawyer in California is about $300 per hour, depending on the specific law firm. A lawyer’s fees are based on factors directly related to the details of your case and the amount of experience they have. A lawyer with more experience will typically charge higher fees. If your case has complications, typically in a contested divorce, and is expected to go to trial, you may be charged higher fees for time and effort.

Q. Who Loses the Most in a Divorce?

A. Who loses the most in a divorce is based on the circumstances of the divorce. Both spouses will take some kind of a loss, but the spouse who makes the most money is likely to suffer the biggest financial loss after a divorce due to alimony. However, there is more to lose in a divorce than just money. Some people lose assets that are important to them, some lose their children, and some children lose a parent. The biggest loss depends entirely on the point of view.

Q. How Much Does a No Contest Divorce Cost in California?

A. The cost of a no-contest divorce in California depends on the many factors involved in your divorce and how complicated it may be. An uncontested divorce does not always mean it will be simpler. However, it does usually mean you and your spouse have come to an agreement regarding property division, child custody, and support. In this case, the costs will likely be lower than if it was contested, and you may only end up paying a few thousand dollars to process the divorce.

Q. Should You Speak to the Opposing Lawyer?

A. It is generally not advised to speak to the opposing lawyer without the presence of your own lawyer. Speaking with the opposing counsel alone can create the potential for you to be manipulated, can lead to misunderstandings, and can often be a conflict of interest. Always remember, the opposing lawyer has no obligation to act or give advice that is in your interest. Their job is to protect the interests of their client only.

Consult With Our Experienced Sonoma Divorce Lawyers

Divorce proceedings are difficult enough with all of the heavy emotions and stress involved. Let us lighten the load and do what we can to make this entire process easier for you. Our divorce lawyers at the Carroll Law Office can give you and your case the time and attention necessary to achieve an outcome that benefits you. Contact our office today to discuss your case and the options you have.


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