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Families come in all shapes and sizes. At the Carroll Law Office, we believe that legal solutions should be the same—tailored to your family’s unique needs and wishes. When you come to us with a family law matter, we will make every effort to understand your priorities and craft a personalized plan of action. After all, your family deserves the best.

Family law is a unique area of civil law pertaining to legal cases among families and households. Several types of cases can unfold through the Santa Rosa family court system, from divorces and custody disputes to adoptions and modification petitions.

While a family court case can share many similarities with other types of civil cases, there are many unique rules that apply solely within the purview of family law. Consulting a family law attorney in Santa Rosa can help you navigate these complexities. Additionally, the emotional significance of most family court cases can make them especially challenging for those involved.

Compassionate Professional Family Law Counsel for Santa Rosa Clients

No matter what type of family law dispute you and your loved ones currently face, the right Santa Rosa family law attorney can provide peace of mind during a very challenging time. Any family court case has the potential to change the lives of those involved in substantial ways, and it’s vital to have a viable strategy as your case begins to unfold.

The Carroll Law Office can provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need for any type of Santa Rosa family law matter. Our firm has guided many past clients through very challenging cases, and we understand the emotional tension these cases often generate.

Our goal in every case we accept is to help our clients make informed decisions and reach the best outcome possible. When you choose the Carroll Law Office to represent your upcoming family court case, you can expect responsive communication and compassionate legal counsel through every phase of your proceedings.

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Benefits of Hiring a Santa Rosa Family Lawyer

It is technically possible to handle a family court case without legal counsel, but doing so would be tremendously difficult. The average person who attempts this likely faces unforeseen variables and procedural demands they do not know how to address on their own. Even if they manage to meet the administrative requirements of their case, they would be highly unlikely to secure as much compensation as they could have with legal counsel advising them.

Any family law case can impose tremendous emotional strains on those involved, and it is easy for anyone to feel overcome by the personal effects of their legal proceedings. When you have an experienced Santa Rosa family law attorney handling your case, you can focus on your personal needs, everyday household responsibilities, and professional obligations. Your case will be in capable hands, and you will have legal counsel you can trust readily available to answer any questions you may have as they arise.

The Carroll Law Office learns as much as possible about each client’s unique needs, concerns, and goals for their cases. We develop comprehensive and individually tailored legal strategies for every case we accept because we know that no two clients will face the same challenges in their family law cases. Whatever your case entails, you can rest assured that the team at the Carroll Law Office can provide the meticulous legal counsel you need to reach the best possible outcome.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle in Santa Rosa, CA

When you need an experienced Santa Rosa family law attorney to represent you, evaluate the prospective attorney’s experience level with cases like yours. The team at the Carroll Law Office can provide legal counsel for a wide range of family law cases, including:


Ending a marriage is never easy, but the formal legal process of dissolution is often more challenging than divorcing spouses expect. If you are ending your marriage in Santa Rosa, it is crucial to have legal counsel from a divorce attorney experienced in handling California divorce law.

Because divorce encompasses such a broad range of issues, it’s important to have an attorney you can trust to discuss every detail. We will help you understand your property rights, assess the likelihood of spousal support, and advise you on the best course of action to support the needs of your children. You can rest easy knowing you have a reliable advisor to guide you through the divorce process from beginning to end.

Child Custody

Understandably, your child may be your chief concern when you’re approaching the prospect of divorce. How can you support your child’s health care, education, and other needs throughout the process? The answer often comes down to your custody and visitation plan. Our attorney will fight for your child custody rights, ensuring your children always get the best possible care.

Whether you and your co-parent must resolve child custody as an element of your divorce or if your custody dispute is a standalone family court issue, this type of case is likely to be one of the hardest experiences of any parent’s life. Our team can help you make the most compelling case in your custody determination to increase the chances of securing the custody rights you hope to obtain.

Child Support

If you’re concerned about the possibility of child support, remember that the law is on your child’s side. The courts will consider the child’s well-being, as well as each parent’s financial and other resources, before granting any awards.

Child support is an essential element of any custody order in Santa Rosa. Both parents are expected to contribute toward financially supporting their children equally. The Carroll Law Office can help a client with an initial custody and support determination, and we can assist with disputes related to standing support orders and requests for modifications. We can explain the factors that a judge may consider before granting child support and help you reach a positive outcome.

Spousal Support

Spousal support usually depends on the financial means of each spouse, including the paying spouse’s income and the receiving spouse’s ability to find employment. Judges may consider age, disability, and other factors before awarding spousal support. Our attorney can let you know what to anticipate and make a strong case in your favor.

Property Division

Property division can be a complicated process in California, especially if you have a large estate with many different types of assets. We can help you sort through the confusion while making sure you receive a fair share of the marital property and assets.


There are many different circumstances that might lead family members to adopt a child of a relative. In the interest of providing a stable permanent home, stepparents might wish to adopt a stepchild; similarly, aunts and uncles raising a niece or nephew might want to become legal parents. We provide step-by-step assistance for guardians who wish to adopt children within their families.


When Child Protective Services (CPS) intervenes in your life and takes custody of your children, you deserve a fair chance to get them back. We can offer a compassionate ear, reliable advice, and assertive legal representation. Our attorney will represent you in court proceedings to help you regain custody of your children.

Post-Judgment Modifications

Most court orders cannot be changed once issued, and court rulings can only be overturned through an arduous appeals process. However, family court provides a modification process that allows you to seek reasonable changes to a family court order without the need for an appeal.

In addition, if life has presented unexpected challenges that materially influence the terms of your standing family court order, we can help you file a petition for modification that seeks amended terms to a family court order that more accurately reflects your new circumstances.

Contact Our Santa Rosa Family Law Attorneys Today

Approaching any family court case can be incredibly stressful, but an experienced attorney can provide reassurance and peace of mind as you navigate the complexities of your case. The Carroll Law Firm will listen to your story and help you determine the best approach to the proceedings ahead of you. You’re likely to have unique personal concerns regarding various aspects of any family court case, and you can expect our firm to handle every aspect of your legal matters with compassion and respect.

Many family court cases are multifaceted and can take a long time to resolve, depending on the unique details of the case and the willingness of the parties involved to compromise. For example, if you and your spouse have children together and decide to divorce, your dissolution proceedings must resolve custody and support for your children, division of your marital assets, and potentially resolve various other financial issues between you and your spouse.

With assistance from the Carroll Law Office, you can chart the course of your family’s future. We will make sure your wishes are heard at every step of the process. Get in touch with us to schedule a one-on-one appointment with our dedicated family lawyer.

We would be happy to answer your questions along the way. Time is a critical factor whenever you’re facing any type of family court case. The sooner you secure legal representation from an attorney you can trust, the more likely you are to reach the outcome you hope to secure. Contact the Carroll Law Office today and schedule your consultation with an experienced Santa Rosa family law attorney.


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