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At the Carroll Law Office, we take domestic violence cases very seriously. We provide a safe space for survivors to visit us and discuss their concerns, whether they are seeking divorce or a restraining order or both. As a civil court order, signed by a judge, a restraining order provides legal protection to victims of stalking, harassment, and abuse. When it comes to obtaining and defending restraining orders for domestic violence survivors, our attorney has extensive experience inside and outside of the courtroom.

There are four types of restraining orders recognized by the California government. If you share a close personal relationship with someone who has abused you—such as your intimate partner, spouse, ex-spouse, or close relative—you can request a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) against that person. The document may order the person to stop specific acts, compel them to keep a certain distance away from you, or kick them out of your shared residence. Our Santa Rosa domestic violence can tell you more about the specific orders you can include in your DVRO.

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Family law cases can often generate complex problems, and DVRO requests are no different. The Carroll Law Office offers creative solutions to your legal problems while treating your individual needs with respect. Contact us to discuss your case. We will provide a thorough analysis of your case and a concrete, personalized plan of action.


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