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One of the most difficult experiences any parent can face is a child custody determination. If you are an unmarried parent and you and your co-parent have decided to end your relationship and raise your child as separate single parents, or if you and your spouse have children and you intend to divorce, you must brace for a very difficult custody determination.

The thought of losing parenting time with your children could seem unbearable, and the emotional strain of a custody dispute is often made worse once a parent realizes the final decision regarding the custody of their child rests entirely in the hands of a Santa Rosa family court judge. This can feel incredibly disempowering, and any parent facing a custody determination is likely to have countless pressing legal questions in this situation.

The Carroll Law Office has built a strong reputation as a leading option for family court representation in the Santa Rosa area. We have helped many parents navigate their custody proceedings with greater confidence and peace of mind. We know the challenges you are likely to face as you seek to assert your parental fitness and eligibility to manage custody of your children.

Why You Need a Santa Rosa, CA Child Custody Attorney

There is no legal requirement to hire legal representation for any type of family court case in California. However, it is crucial that you understand the benefits of reliable legal counsel when facing a complex case like this. It may technically be possible to handle a custody case without an attorney, but you are highly unlikely to reach the results you hope to see without legal representation advising you.

No one knows your children and your relationship with them better than you, but you need experienced legal counsel to navigate the complex child custody statutes that are likely to come into play as your case unfolds.

The Carroll Law Office has helped many clients confidently approach their custody disputes. We can help you develop an individualized legal strategy for securing the custody rights you hope to obtain. While the final say may rest in the hands of the judge overseeing your case, our team can help you make the strongest possible case for custody in various ways.

If you face additional legal issues, such as other issues outside of child custody determination in a divorce, you can also expect personalized legal counsel in these efforts. We can also advise you if you already have a custody order and need to petition the family court for necessary changes to its terms.

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What to Expect in a Santa Rosa Child Custody Case

One of the most challenging aspects of many modern divorce cases is the fact that a divorcing parent must be able to separate their personal issues with their co-parent from their shared responsibilities as parents. If you and your co-parent can work cohesively, this benefits your child tremendously.

When you choose the Carroll Law Office to represent you in your custody dispute, we will begin by outlining the most likely points of contention and develop a strategy for addressing them. To reach the best possible outcome in your custody case, you must be prepared to prove you are a fit, responsible, and attentive parent capable of meeting your child’s needs.

You may be facing a custody dispute as part of a larger divorce case or a standalone issue as an unwed parent. In either case, you will eventually find yourself in family court in front of a judge. This judge has the final say on the terms of your custody order, and the judge is legally obligated to preserve the best interests of your children in their ruling. A few of the variables the judge must consider in making this decision include:

  • The medical condition of each parent. A parent may only obtain custody rights if they are physically, medically, and mentally fit to handle their parental responsibilities.
  • The criminal records of each parent. If any parent in a custody case has a record of domestic violence, child abuse of any kind, or a felony record, the judge will be unlikely to grant them any substantial amount of custody or visitation.
  • Each parent’s living arrangements. Parents must have space for their children in their homes. In addition, judges must ensure parents have accommodations for their children and access to their schools, daycares, and medical providers.
  • The child’s relationship with each parent. When a child is old enough to provide their own opinions regarding custody, the judge will likely want to hear what they have to say.

This is not an exhaustive list, and every custody determination is likely to involve many unique factors that will influence the judge’s final decision. Additionally, the judge must carefully weigh these factors as well as the financial issues present in a case to resolve child support.

Most custody orders issued in Santa Rosa entail joint custody, in which both parents share parenting time with their children. While it’s possible for a custody order to entail a strict 50/50 division of parenting time, most custody orders are set up to reflect the schedules of the children. For example, you may share legal custody with your co-parent in a 60/40, 70/30, or other arrangement based on what the judge determines to best suit your children.

When one parent has more physical custody than the other, the other parent will likely owe them child support each month. The amount paid in child support depends on what the judge deems to be the total amount of financial support the child should receive from both parents.

The noncustodial parent pays their half to the custodial parent under the assumption that they inherently fulfill their half of the support obligation by assuming a greater share of physical custody and related living expenses for their children.

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It can be incredibly difficult for any parent to approach a child custody determination, but the right Santa Rosa child custody lawyer is a tremendous asset in this situation. With the right legal team advising you, it’s possible to approach your custody determination proceedings with peace of mind and secure better results than you may have initially expected. The team at the Carroll Law Office understands the extreme emotional toll any custody dispute can take on a parent.

If you are ready to speak with a Santa Rosa child custody attorney about your situation, we are prepared to provide the comprehensive representation you need for the proceedings ahead. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with the Carroll Law Office in Santa Rosa.


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