The four best co-parenting tips for newly divorced parents

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When you’re a parent and your divorce is finalized, it’s the end of one emotional rollercoaster and the beginning of the next. Co-parenting with your ex presents many difficulties. However, when you’re successful, it can be extremely rewarding. Read on to discover the Carroll Law Office team’s best tips for successful co-parenting.

  1. Remember you share a goal.

You and your ex-spouse probably don’t see eye to eye on everything — if you did you probably wouldn’t have gotten a divorce! But it is important to keep in mind that you do have at least one major thing in common, and that’s the goal of raising a happy, healthy child. You will be much more likely to achieve this goal if you work together and cooperate with one another.

  1. Stick to the parenting plan, but be flexible.

You have a parenting plan for a reason. Show each other respect by sticking to it. That being said, understand that we’re all human. Traffic might make your ex-spouse ten minutes late from time to time and maybe a business trip gets scheduled at the last minute. It’s okay to roll with the punches and be flexible as long as you know where to draw the line.

  1. Communicate.

Communication is key. If your child tells you something it might benefit your co-parent to know about, share it with them. Be clear about scheduling, expectations, and boundaries. Good communication between co-parents can make for more consistent parenting across homes. Children thrive best when the rules are as similar as possible at Mom’s house to at Dad’s.

  1. Don’t use your child as a messenger.

Never depend on your child to relay messages to your co-parent. Not only can things get lost in translation, but it also makes your child feel responsible for your interactions. When you and your co-parent disagree and your child is acting as the go-between it can make them feel guilty when it is really not their fault at all. Avoid this at all costs!

If you are facing a family law issue such as divorce or a child custody battle, the team at Carroll Law Office is here to help. We have experience guiding clients through these scenarios and we completely understand how you are feeling. If you have questions about our firm and the services we provide, or if you need our guidance, we would love to hear from you. We invite you to contact us today!

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