Simplifying Back to School for Co-Parents

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At Carroll Law Office, we focus on simplifying life’s complexities for California families. This time of year is a complicated one for many because school is back in session which means schedules are up in the air.

There’s so much to get to as our children start school and extracurricular activities. Staying on top of our work schedules, their school schedules, and those extra events can be a chore even for the most prepared family. We want to help keep the family focused on each other during the fast-paced early months of the school year.

Respect each other’s schedules

Most co-parenting advice articles during this time of year will focus on simply making a schedule. That’s obvious – but even the best plans can fall apart without respect for everyone’s needs.

We believe you should indeed come up with a schedule for both parents and for your children, but the most important part of that process is to respect each other’s schedules. This means not just assuming the other parent can be flexible at any given moment and trying to honor our responsibilities when the time comes.

This type of consistency and respect will benefit our children. Their education and the activities they’re doing outside of school can set them on a path to success – or failure if we’re not careful.

Both parents should be involved in schooling

Your schedules should never restrict either parent from being involved in our children’s education. It’s important that you both show an interest and willingness to get involved with the learning process. This experience will showcase how important education is to your children but also gives them access to the knowledge both parents bring to the table.

Even if you have limited visitation, you should still make time for homework and projects with your child. They will cherish these moments and appreciate them more later on, regardless of whether or not they’d rather just hang out and play games.

Involve each other in school meetings and activities

Look, we fully understand you and your ex separated for a reason. Trust us, we’ve seen it all when it comes to divorce and separation in California. Still, unless there’s a specific physical or mental danger, you should both be willing to put differences aside to be there for your children.

This could mean going to parent-teacher conferences together, or, more manageably, attending sporting events, band concerts, or presentations at the same time. You don’t have to sit together at their games or concerts or even talk to each other in person but being present will go a long way for our children. They will appreciate every moment you’re there for them.

Our team at Carroll Law Office wants to support California families in their journey together. Even if you’re separated, a relationship with your children is a lifelong commitment to own up to even when it’s hard. If you feel like back to school is being used as an excuse to ignore your custodial or visitation rights then contact our team right away and we’ll make sure you get the time you deserve with your kids.

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