Considering Divorce? Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions Before You Make a Decision

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The decision to file for a divorce is never an easy one. Still, when a person’s marriage seems to have collapsed, he or she may see no other choice but to formally end it. While a person who feels trapped in an unhappy marriage may think getting a divorce will greatly improve the quality of their life, many of those who do divorce experience a swath of other issues and problems that are at least equally challenging. Unfortunately, some go into divorce completely unprepared to face such consequences.

Ultimately, the decision to get a divorce is a personal one. However, due to the long-term consequences for all the parties involved – primarily both spouses but also the children and even other relatives – it should never be taken lightly. In this blog, we will consider 4 important questions a married person should ask themselves before making a decision to divorce.

Is There a Way to Save the Marriage?

There are many reasons to consider this question first. When problems arise in a relationship, they may seem so unbearable that escaping the relationship looks like the only solution. However, that is rarely the case and problems unsolved in one marriage may manifest themselves in the next one with a completely different spouse. Additionally, wanting a divorce isn’t the same as being emotionally and psychologically prepared for it.

Therefore, you should ask yourself if both you and your spouse have done everything possible to solve your marital problems. After posing this question, you should also strive to truthfully answer it. A helpful and practical suggestion might be to write down all the things you feel you need to do to save your marriage, as well as the things your partner needs to do for your marriage to work. Then, try encouraging your partner to do the same. Even if it fails, knowing that you have tried everything to save your marriage before ending it may give you peace of mind later on.

What Will You Do to Minimize the Harm to the Children?

There is no way around it – a divorce will, at least to some degree, negatively influence the well-being of your children – psychologically, emotionally, and even financially. Have you considered what you will do to minimize this harm to the greatest extent possible? Additionally, even if you decide to end your marriage, your ex-spouse will always remain a parent to your children. Thinking ahead about issues related to co-parenting will save you unnecessary stress and help you effectively work out solutions that will have your children’s best interest at heart.

Are You Prepared for the Financial Consequences of a Divorce?

A divorce will inevitably entail some costs and expenses. Talking to a financial adviser or a lawyer may help estimate how big this cost will be and to decide if you are prepared to bear it. In addition, the division of assets, as well as financial obligations, in a divorce may greatly influence your post-divorce financial status and well-being. Taking all these factors into consideration will not only help you make a decision whether to go through with a divorce or not, but to also be better prepared to handle your finances without the financial input of your spouse.

Are You Prepared to Live as a Single Person Again?

After obtaining a divorce and formally separating, a person may find themselves doing certain activities alone for the first time in years. Taking care of the house, making repairs, paying bills, filing tax returns – re-adjusting to handling all of these issues as a single person may present a challenge, especially at first. Additionally, separating from a person you once loved may have unpleasant emotional consequences that you will have to deal with for a considerable amount of time. While neither of these factors may be enough to change your mind when it comes to divorce, they are nevertheless important considerations that should influence your decision-making process.

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At Carroll Law Office, while we always encourage our potential clients to reevaluate their decision, we also understand that the decision to divorce is often based on solid reasons. That’s why we offer our clients compassionate representation in divorce cases. To obtain more information on how we can help you, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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